on the go

We still like to party. We like to get out and enjoy everything our city offers and being Melbourne based, that is a lot, a lot of festivals, cafes, restaurants, bars, food trucks, markets, cinemas, takeout, pop-ups, parks, beaches etcetera etcetera!


And, we like to do it without carrying a supply of mason jars on our backs!

From that morning coffee on the way to work to that last-minute decision to cross the city to check out a food festival on a Friday night, we let you know how to minimise the waste generated when on the go and going out.

We also tackle zero waste travel and unearth the best ways to traverse the earth without wrecking it.

And, you can sometimes still get away with only taking your keys, wallet and phone if you’re smart about it!

Here’s how to still live life, just with less waste…