How To Fold Beeswax Wraps into a Pouch

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Beeswax wraps can be used in loads of different ways, including as a pouch for getting food on the go. We show you how to fold your beeswax wraps into a sandwich bag.

Beeswax wraps not only take on the role of clingfilm, they can also act as a plastic ziplock bag or sandwich bag replacement. They can be used to put sandwiches in to take to work, to sneak snacks into the cinema and as a pouch for putting pastries in instead of other single use alternatives.

They are easy to carry around with you as they are light - much lighter than jars - and can be folded small to fit in any sized bag. You can pull it out and quickly fold it when needed.

They are easy to fold as beeswax wraps stick to themselves. You could also just ask the vendor to put your food on the beeswax wrap and you could simply wrap the beeswax wrap around the food.

Obviously only solid foods can be placed in a beeswax wrap and the food should not be too hot as if it is very hot, it will melt the beeswax on the wrap.

And folding it into a pouch like this is only on way of many different ways you could fold it. It can also be folded into a cone, which can be used to put snacks in (I’m thinking nuts from street vendors!).

Here’s how to fold a beeswax wrap into a pouch:

You can fold over the top to secure it, or simply leave it open and carry it upright.

If it gets a bit messy and you end up with sauce or sugary syrup all over your wrap and you need to give your beeswax wrap a good clean, read our How To Look After Your Beeswax Wraps article to learn how to wash your beeswax wraps and how to make them last, as well as how to revive them when they start looking a bit sad.

Looking to buy beeswax wraps? You’ll find them at most craft markets these days or you can buy them online from online stores such as Biome (AU), (US/CAN), or search for them on Etsy.

Other options for food on the go

You can see all the reusable food containers we recommend in our The Best Reusable Takeaway Containers and Lunch Box Options article.

You could also keep a furoshiki cloth in your bag and fold that into a bag for putting sweet treats or quick lunches in. It can also be used as a bag to carry your reusable container.

We demonstrate how to fold one of these square pieces of cloth into a bag in our … article.

Or simply place it on a fabric napkin or tea towel or get them to place it straight on the palm on your hand if you’re going to inhale it straight away.

These pieces of fabric can be easily washed in the washing machine with your clothes and these reusable containers can simply be put in the dishwasher and reused over and over again.

What’s your favourite way to get food on the go without the waste?

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