product recommendations


We definitely advocate using what you have first, but these are the products that have helped us along our zero waste journey and that we have tried and tested.

We will never recommend anything we don’t believe is genuinely a great product and stand by 100%.

We use or have used these kitchen, bathroom, and day-to-day reusables ourselves and have found them useful for reducing the amount of waste we create in our home and when enjoying Melbourne and exploring the world.

You don’t need every shiny new sustainable product to be low waste - dedication and knowledge is much more important - but some do help, some are great replacements to keep in mind for the future when your plastic one is no longer useable, and some are replacements for kitchen and bathroom products you use daily.

Some links are affiliate links and we make a tiny bit of commission if you buy anything (which gives us a little bit of money back and something for the time it takes us to keep this site going), but not all are - we just love these products!

We have in-depth articles on most of these products that give more details and can help you choose the right one for you; this is just a quick visual list of the reusables and eco-friendly products we use and recommend.