Our 5 Fav Plastic-Free Reusable Coffee Cups

Reusable Nation - Rubber Cuppy reusable coffee cup

Find the perfect reusable coffee cup first time round!

Think about the material you want it to be made of, the size you want it to be and how you want to sip from it before you buy.

Here are our five fav plastic-free reusable coffee cup options (in no particular order!) and their pros and cons…


Stainless steel reusable coffee cups are generally the most insulated, keeping your coffee piping hot, as well as any cold drinks cold. They are also mostly spill proof and built for rough, long travel – the four by four of reusable coffee cups.

Look for one that is double walled as this means it’ll be cool to touch on the outside and your drink will stay the perfect temperature inside – hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Stainless steel does not retain or leach flavours. And, it is fully recyclable at the end of its life, so it is a good material choice.

The lids of the majority of these travel cups are made from polypropylene.

We recommend Cheeki’s insulated coffee cups, Klean Kanteen insulated tumblers, and Black + Blum’s travel mug (all AU). Those in ths US/Canada can also get Klean Kanteen’s insulated tumblers here.


Ceramic coffee cups are beautiful to hold and look at. Each one is unique and handmade.

Their lids generally mimic a disposable coffee cup lid and are mostly made of silicon, so they are soft and gentle, but not leakproof. You can sip from the lid or directly from the ceramic cup.

The cup itself will become warm when a hot beverage is inside, so care needs to be taken to not overheat your hands.

Biome has a ceramic coffee cup that is made by a local Australian pottery, Robert Gordon, which is one of Australia's last large-scale potteries that employs skilled craftsmen to create handmade items. And there are a lot of ceramic coffee cup options on Etsy.


Glass is great to drink from, but glass reusable coffee cups need some form of insulating sleeve so that you don’t burn your hand and to keep the coffee warm.

This can be made from silicone, cork or, in the case of the Rubber Cuppy, a rubber bicycle inner tube (they are also made from recycled jars – a true zero waste reusable coffee cup!).

The lids of these are often made from silicone or polypropylene and are generally splash safe, but not spill proof.

They look sleek, make the coffee taste great and work well for drinking while you walk or commute to work.

We recommend Rubber Cuppy, SOL reusable coffee cups, glass KeepCups (although we have heard of the cork ring on the cork-ringed ones breaking in two easily), and JOCO glass reusable cups (all AU). If you’re after a fully glass reusable travel mug, Life Without Plastic (US/CAN) has one with a fully glass lid!


Recently discovered bamboo reusable coffee cups, which are made from bamboo fibre and corn fibre and natural resin, making them biodegradable when buried.

Like glass ones, they also need a heat resistant sleeve, so they come with a silicone sleeve.

I’ve only come across these wonderfully colourful ones so far: Perky By Nature bamboo reusable coffee cup.


Not plastic-free but made of recycled plastic so we’ll allow it!

We personally prefer plastic-free reusable coffee cups, as we don’t need any more plastic in this world and we think coffee tastes so much better when drunk out of a ceramic, steel or glass cup and there’s the potential issue of plastic leeching into your hot drink, but if you are after a plastic reusable coffee cup, get one made from recycled plastic.

The rCup is the world’s first reusable cup made from recycled coffee cups.

All of these options are better than a single-use takeaway coffee cup! The other alternative is to sit down and take the time to enjoy your coffee at the café in their dine-in coffee cups. But, who has time for that right? ;)

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