No More Plastic Bin Bags!: DIY Newspaper Bin Liner

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Don’t bother with a bin liner or make one out of newspaper to line your rubbish bin or food scraps bin. Saves you money and saves on plastic use! You can easily DIY one using these step-by-step instructions…

When you're no longer throwing away food scraps, you really don't need to line your bin with anything, but you may want something to keep everything together when you send it to landfill.

And you may want to line your food scraps bin with something to make it easier to keep it clean.

If so, DIY one out of newspaper! No more unnecessary plastic lining your bin and going into landfill and no more buying bin liners from the supermarket, so this not only means less plastic going out into the world to pollute it forever more, it also means less money leaving your wallet, which is something we can all get behind am-I-right!?

If you don't buy the newspaper, ask your local cafe for there's at the end of the day, or take the one from work if your workplace gets one - this is where we get ours from - or collect ones left behind on public transport.

We reckon newspaper is better than the eco bag options out there because a) it is so hard to find one that actually is eco-friendly and not just greenwashing, with the titles being given to these plastic bags - degradable, biodegradable, landfill biodegradable, commercially compostable, home compostable, plant-based - numerous and confusing and b) you’re reusing something and not buying something new that took new resources and energy to create.

If you want to learn more about the difference between these read our Recyclable, Degradable, Biodegradable & Compostable: What's the Difference? blog post. And read on to learn how to make a DIY newspaper bin liner!

it is a quick and easy, six-step process and all you need is a few sheets of newspaper - nothing else!

Here's how to make a bin liner out of newspaper:

We personally go naked but we’ve had people ask us for other options to keep their food scraps bin from getting gross, to keep their landfill trash together to ensure it doesn’t blow away in the wind when being picked up by the rubbish truck, and for councils that say that waste being picked up has to be contained in something.

Is your bin naked or do you like it lined? We would love to hear what you’ve found works best for you!

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