Upcycled Fashion at Melbourne Fashion Week!

Upcycled fashion show Eco Luxe Melbourne Fashion Week.jpg

Upcycled clothing made from donated garments and materials from Red Cross second-hand stores will be showcased in a runway show by the Kangan Institute at this year’s Melbourne Fashion Week, with a portion of ticket sales going to Red Cross.

Upcycled fashion is getting the attention it deserves during Melbourne Fashion Week this September!

An upcycled fashion show called Eco Luxe that will feature high end upcycled looks made by fashion students using donated garments and materials from Red Cross is being presented by the Kangan Institute and Red Cross on Monday 2 September 2019.

The fashion show is also a charity fundraiser, with 50% of ticket sales being donated to Red Cross.

It aims to showcase the full potential of pre-loved clothing, putting one-of-a-kind designs made by Kangan Institute students using donated garments and materials from Red Cross shops on display. These designs will all reflect luxury, bespoke tailoring and couture themes.

Kangan Institute students undertake this upcycling project each year, with this being the fourth year this annual upcycling project has taken place, to teach them to rethink how and where materials are sourced and to get them to explore creative ways of transforming pre-loved garments into runway showpieces.

 Tickets to the Eco Luxe runway show, which will take place on 2 September 2019 at Meat Market in North Melbourne, can be found here: kangan.edu.au/ecoluxe.

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