How To Make Newspaper Dog Poo Bags

Reusable Nation - newspaper dog poo bag

Leading up to Plastic Free July we've been looking for an alternative to the plastic bags we had been using to pick up our pup's poop in the park and we think we've found the perfect solution!

These newspaper dog poo bags are easy to make, easy to use, an eco-friendlier option than plastic dog poop bags and most importantly, leak free (if made properly!). The bonus is that they're free!

We get old newspapers from work, cafes or pick up abandoned ones left on public transport to make these with as we don't buy the newspaper. Ask cafes or stores in your area what they do with old newspapers and if you can have some.

When we take Maddi, our Cattle Dog cross Koolie, for a walk, we take a pouch and some extra newspaper pages or Who Gives A Crap toilet paper wrappers with us. We use these extra pages of newspaper or paper wrappers to pick up the poo and place it in the pouch.

We found trying to pick it up with just the pouch difficult and messy. But you can do your own experiments and figure out what works best for you and what you already have that you can use.

Here's how we make our newspaper pouch:

We make it as secure as possible before putting it in the public bin in the dog park that is used mostly for picked up dog poo. This is another reason why we use extra newspaper pages and surround the poo with it as much as possible.



Other options include using any paper bag you come across or that comes into your life instead of making a pouch out of newspaper.

We have also heard of some people just using the outer wrapper of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper to pick up their dog's poo.

Otherwise, if you are able to, a great option is to compost your pet's poo. It is fine to use the resulting fertiliser on plants that are not going to be used as food.

You'll need to set up a pet waste compost kit in your backyard and use home compostable - it is very important that they are home compostable and that they are not only compostable in an industrial facility - dog poo bags like these ones. BioBag compostable dog waste bags are not home compostable for instance.

If your council allows you to put pet waste in your food organics garden organics bin - be sure before doing this! - you can use the bags that are compostable in an industrial facility.

You can buy a pet waste composter or make your own pet waste composter - find out how to do this here.

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