housekeeping & hygiene

It is amazing how much a beauty regime can be simplified if you look into it. You don’t need all those different creams, hair products and cleaners in their plastic bottles!

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Being minimalistic and zero waste often go hand in hand, especially in the realms of housekeeping and hygiene. To be completely waste free, you’ll need to learn to do without some products, but with many, you can either make it yourself or buy it in glass or tin.

Of course, there will be some products that you will have to purchase regardless of their packaging for the good of your health, such as prescribed medication. We by no means recommend sacrificing your health in the name of being zero waste. As always, do what you can and what you feel is possible for yourself – we all have different lives and different needs.

But, we will show you, where possible, which beauty, health and cleaning products you can make yourself, the beauty, health and cleaning products you can replace with alternatives that are more environmentally friendly and come in plastic-free packaging, and which of these products you can kick to the kerb.

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