easy wins

We're so excited that you have taken an interest in reducing your waste!

Being completely waste free is not easy and requires determination, but each and every one of us can contribute by cutting our waste, however slightly.


There are numerous small changes anyone can implement that will make a big difference in the long run.

Every piece of waste has an owner and it is time that each person becomes responsible for the waste they produce and for minimising this waste.

All it takes is realising that a particular disposable item you use repeatedly is not necessary and that you can replace it with a reusable item and a bit of habit forming.

Here, we’re not talking major life upheaval; we’re talking small alterations that will reduce your waste footprint and help you begin your waste-free journey. Zero-waste living is not about being perfect and never producing a single iota of rubbish, it’s about doing what you can.

You’ll learn easy wins, where to start, what you need, and how to make a habit of refusing and reusing instead! Welcome to the reusable nation!

Zero waste 101 is this way…