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Give going zero waste a go with our 8 Weeks to Waste Free Challenge, find out where you can shop waste free in Melbourne, and get inspired by and find the solution to that rubbish-creating thing by checking out the OGs and other trashless champions in this space.


list of inspiring and useful resources

Check out our list of Other Waste Free Blogs, Sites, Doccos and Apps worth checking out!

We've included the activists that inspire us, the experts/gurus that guide us, the hive mind that helps when we're stumped, the apps that have assisted us to reduce our waste and pick up our ethical game, and the online stores that sell products you can stand by.

We've also included some documentaries that delve deep and have increased our understanding of the issues and how society can overcome them.


8 weeks to waste free!

Going waste free is challenging. It is even more challenging if you try to cut all waste from your life instantly. This is why we’ve created the Reusable Nation 8 Weeks to Waste Free Challenge.

Reducing your waste over eight weeks allows you to take the time to break old habits and form new ones and to slowly learn how to be waste free, so that you don’t become frustrated and discouraged. After these eight weeks, you’ll be able to reduce your waste and carry on living your best life waste free AND stress free.

It is not about being perfect; it is all about doing the best that you can in the circumstances. No punishing yourself for failures! We’re here to celebrate the wins!


where to shop waste free in melbourne

Live in Melbourne and looking for your closest bulk store or where to get THAT without the waste? Look no further! We've got you covered with our Where to Shop Waste Free in Melbourne Map.

We've got all the bulk food stores, the shops that have a small selection of bulk goods, the shops with packaging free snacks (important!), spices, tea, coffee, condiments, olives, cheese, and deli meats, the shops with cleaning products in bulk, the shops with low impact health and beauty products, and the shops selling zero waste products covered.

Well, all the ones we know about! If your fav go to isn't there let us know!