3 Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Black Friday - Turning Black Friday Green

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Black Friday is by no means zero waste or sustainable. We’ve discovered a few eco-friendly alternatives. Find out how three companies are turning Black Friday green.

Friday November 23 - Black Friday - brings out the worst in our consumeristic culture - people fighting over products that have been marked down but that are mostly not needed. These products are also hardly ever plastic free (let alone zero waste) or ethically and responsibly produced.

It’s time this day was transformed into something more eco-minded! The companies listed below agree and are reinventing Black Friday as a day to do good and something to save the planet instead of suffocating it further.

As The Clean Collective’s CEO and co-founder, Charlie Thompson says, “Rather than boycott Black Friday, we’re going to work with it, because it is far more effective to turn the tide by flowing with it, than swimming against it.”

If you do participate in Black Friday, buy only what you really need, or do one of these eco-friendly Black Friday alternatives instead…

  1. Blue Friday

    Instead of purchasing anything, why not join the Blue Friday movement, which encourages people to spend an hour outside picking up trash on Black Friday.

    Begun in 2016 by United By Blue, an outdoor clothing and accessories brand that organises and hosts cleanups and removes one pound of trash from our oceans and waterways for every product sold, this is a great way to use the day to improve the world rather than inundating it with more unnecessary items.

    Grab some friends, some gloves and a few empty bags and spend the day outside picking up litter that would otherwise end up in our streams and oceans. This can be in your local park, along a nearby stream or at your nearest beach; no matter where and no matter how long, your efforts will make a difference.

    If you want your pickup to contribute to marine debris research, you can submit a data card and the data will be shared with organisations and scientists working on this research. You can get a data card emailed to you ‘buying’ United By Blue’s free digital DIY Cleanup Kit, which includes a link to download a How-To Guide and a Data Card to help you plan and run a Blue Friday cleanup.

  2. Green Friday Festival

    All the way from 12 November until 2 December, you can get 20% off everything on The Clean Collective’s site AND the company is donating all profits made over this period to plant trees!

    The Clean Collective wants to help our community gift healthier and kinder products this Christmas and to invest in the future of our planet, with the company aiming to plant 50,000 trees.

    If you are buying Christmas presents this year and the site has something your loved one will genuinely like and use, or if you truly need something yourself, it is a good choice for purchasing products at a cheaper price in a way that will see some good being done.

    It has extended the sale and initiative to cover three weeks so that, unlike the craziness of a Black Friday hustle, there’s no need to rush and customers can consciously and mindfully choose Christmas gifts.

    And there is a super helpful list of natural, organic, eco-friendly christmas gift ideas on its website.

  3. Small Business Saturday

    Shop Small Business Saturday instead! November 24 has been coined Small Business Saturday by American Express’s Shop Small initiative, which encourages people to support local shops as they make our communities strong.

    Small Business Saturday, which has been going on since 2010, encourages people to skip Black Friday and to rather do their holiday shopping at small local businesses on the Saturday.

    Small businesses can download posters, email templates, and social posts for free from the Shop Small website to help attract customers on Small Business Saturday. If you’re a small business supporter, simply stay away from the big sales and buy from them instead.

Vote With Your Dollars

The consumption economy is not working. It has increased inequality and is destroying the natural world.

The majority of companies don’t create their products with sustainability in mind and shirk their responsibly as soon as the product is sold. But, as Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard says, “we have to take responsibility for what we make, from birth to death and then beyond death, back to rebirth”.

Vote with your dollars this Black Friday by only supporting companies that care and only buying items that are well-made, long-lasting and the responsibly made. Leave the rest on the shelf!

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